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Services offered by Nutrition Works:


Individual Counseling

Individuals seeking help with improving his or her diet will meet privately with me.  


Initial Consultation

A first visit will take about 1hour.  During this visit, I will gather information on your medical history and current eating habits.  This information will serve as a basis for the counseling.  Frequently, a second appointment is scheduled so the personal and medical information can be incorporated into the counseling.  Recommendations will be given on how to improve current diet in order to meet your needs, whether it is to lose weight, improve a health condition such as diabetes or heart disease or prevent future health problems.  You will receive nutrition education materials designed to address your specific needs.  After the initial consultation, you will decide whether you would like additional visits to continue working on your nutritional needs.


Follow up Visits

Changing eating habits takes time.  One visit can identify the changes needed to improve health or lose weight.  Follow up visits offer the support and encouragement to continue making small changes that lead down the path to healthier eating patterns.  Follow up visits are about 15 to 30 minutes.  Nutrition education materials will be provided at each visit.  Topics may include menu planning, lowering fat in diet, exercise, dining out, shopping strategies or topics specific to your needs.  The number of visits will depend on your goals and the intervention that is needed to help you change.  



 Initial Consultation                        $75 for one hour 

 Follow-up appointments                $20 for 15 minutes

 Nutrition Package                         $125       

1 Initial consultation

 + 4 follow-up visits


Group Classes

Living with Diabetes – 1 hour class held the first Friday of every month.


Cooking for Health - variety of cooking classes.  See Cooking Classes for monthly schedule.


TEAM Weight Loss - An 6-week weight loss program that includes a focus on eating healthy as well as thinking patterns that drive our eating patterns.  See TEAM program for more details.




Nutrition Works is located at

In The Moment Center for Wellness

8400 Perry Highway, Suite 100 (1/8 mile south of CCAC North Campus)

Pittsburgh, PA  15237

Phone 412-266-1079

Fax  412-364-1990


Office Hours by appointment.


Medical Insurance

Some insurance plans cover specific nutritional counseling for certain medical conditions such as diabetes.  Before your scheduled appointment, call your insurance company. Ask if your health insurance plan will cover the cost to see a Registered Dietitian, how many visits you are allowed and if you need a doctor’s referral. If a doctor’s referral is needed, please contact your doctor’s office and request a prescription for nutrition counseling with your medical diagnosis recorded.  The referral can be sent by fax to my office at 412-364-1990.

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