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Read and think about these words (paraphrased)  from Alice Waters, The Art of Simple Food, and you will be on the right path to health!


Eat locally and sustainably.

Learn where your food comes from and how it is produced.        

Seek out a diverse variety of vegetables and fruits from small,

local producers who take care of the land.  Buy from

producers whose practices are organic, humane and

environmentally sound.


Eat seasonally.

Choose food in season. The foods are allow to vine ripen and

the nutritional content is richer than food pick prematurely to

travel long distance to your table.  Eating seasonally inspires

your menus, gives you a sense of time and place, and reward

you with the most flavor.


Shop at farmersí markets.

Farmersí markets create communities that value diversity, honesty, seasonality, locality, sustainability, and beauty.  Get to know the people who grow your food.


Plant a garden.

It is deeply satisfying to eat food you have grown yourself, in your own backyard or in a community garden.  Even a pot of herbs on your windowsill can transform your cooking and connect you to the changing seasons.


Conserve, compost, and recycle.

Reuse whatever packaging you can.  Keep a compost bucket nearby when you cook to recycle kitchen scraps. When you conserve and the less you waste, the environment reaps the benefits of your effort.


Cook simply, engaging all your senses.

Plan uncomplicated meals.  Let things taste of what they are.  Enjoy cooking  by engaging all your senses: touch, listen, watch, smell and above all, taste.


Cook and eat together.

Include your family and friend, and especially children.  When children grow, cook and serve food, they want to eat it.  No matter how modest the meal, sit down together. Mealtime is a time to nourish and communicate.


Remember food is precious.

Good food can only come from good ingredients.  Its proper price includes the cost of preserving the environment and paying fairly for the labor of the people who produce it.  Food should never by taken fro granted


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